The Fate Of Swordsman

During the Shenlong Era of Tang Dynasty, the Li family regained the power. But with the incompetent emperor and the muddleheaded empress, the struggle between imperial Li family and Wu family was getting worse and the empire was still in turmoil. To complete master Lü Dongbin’s commands, Xie Yunliu took prince Li Chongmao back to the capital Chang'an. Everything was going on well until they came to Fenghua Vally. Fenghua Vally was the only way to Chang'an and the crown prince Li Chongjun were attacked in there. Xie Yunliu was not intended to interfere in this matter originally, but he had no choice but to rescue Li Chongjun for Li Chongmao, and they saved princess Li Huawan unexpectedly.Princess Li Huawan was curious about Xie Yunliu. To thank Xie for saving her life, Li Huawan invited him to stay in her mansion and attend a dinner party. During the dinner, Li Chongmao was assassinated and Xie Yunliu killed the assassin accidentally. For having saved prince Li Chongmao, Xie Yunliu was invited to the crown prince's birthday feast. And Xie Yunliu noticed that something unusual between the crown prince and Wu Sansi during the feast. Both of them hated each other but pretended to be good friends at the same time. And this made Xie worried about Li Chongmao being involved in brutal battle for power. Hearing that Xie was a martial arts master, the head of Ming Sect. Lu Weilou wentto challenge him, and they fighted a deadly battle in the Bagua Square.

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